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February 1994-Late 1995: US Spy Planes and Predator Drone Help Croats and Muslims Fight Serbs in Bosnia

The US begins flying spy planes over Serbia and Bosnia. In March 1994, the CIA begins flying Gnat-750 drone aircraft from Glader, a remote Albanian air force base in north-central Albania. (Jahn 5/7/1994) In December 1994, the CIA begins flying more drone aircraft from the Croatian island of Brac. (Beelman 2/3/1995) In July 1995, the US begins using the Predator remote spy drone over Bosnia, from the Glader base. (Dhimgjoka 7/21/1995) Such surveillance information is allegedly shared with Croat and Muslim forces, allowing them to bypass Serb defensive positions in battle. The US officially denies the existence of all these flights since the US is supposed to be neutral in the war. (Eagar 11/5/1995)

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