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Context of 'March 22, 2011: Manchester United’s Parent Company Makes Record Loss'

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Deloitte publishes its Football Money League rankings for the 2007-2008 season. The rankings of the top 20 European clubs and their football earnings are:
(1) Real Madrid (€365.8m)
(2) Manchester United (€324.8m)
(3) FC Barcelona (€308.8m)
(4) Bayern Munich (€295.3m)
(5) Chelsea (€268.9m)
(6) Arsenal (€264.4m)
(7) Liverpool (€210.9m)
(8) AC Milan (€209.5m)
(9) AS Roma (€175.4m)
(10) Internazionale (€172.9m)
(11) Juventus (€167.5m)
(12) Olympique Lyonnais (€155.7m)
(13) Schalke 04 (€148.4m)
(14) Tottenham Hotspur (€145.0m)
(15) Hamburger SV (€127.9m)
(16) Olympique de Marseille (€126.8m)
(17) Newcastle United (€125.6m)
(18) VfB Stuttgart (€111.5m)
(19) Fenerbahce (€111.3m)
(20) Manchester City (€104.0m) (Deloitte 2/13/2009)

Manchester United announces a record operating profit of over £100m for the 2009-2010 football season, but it is more than offset by loans taken on when the club was purchased by the Glazer family. The record profit was helped by increases in commercial, broadcasting, and matchday revenues, the later boosted by increased ticket prices. Nevertheless, the club made a huge overall loss due to interest repayments and one-off costs related to a £509m bond issue. In addition to the bonds, the club also has to service £225m in payment in kind loans, currently bearing interest at 16.25 per cent. The overall result was also harmed by a £40.6m write-down on an interest rate swap that had to be paid when the club launched its bond offer at the beginning of the year, as well as £19m lost on fluctuating exchange rates. (Gibson 10/8/2010)

Manchester United’s parent company, Red Football Joint Venture Ltd, announces a record pre-tax loss of £109m for the financial year ending June 2010. This means the company lost an additional £29m on top of the £80m pre-tax loss posted for the same period by Red Football Limited, the football club’s immediate holding company, in October. Most of the additional £29m is interest on the club’s payment-in-kind loans, which were £233m in June, although this form of debt has since been cleared in murky circumstances. The business is not concerned by the loss, saying that the club itself is making more money, in particular due to increased commercial revenue. The total borrowings of Red Football Joint Venture Ltd at June 2010 stood at £522m, up from the 2009 figure of £514m. (Jackson and Conn 3/22/2011)

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