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Context of 'May 19, 2011: English FA Says It Will Abstain in Vote for FIFA President'

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The Qatari Mohamed Bin Hammam is re-elected president of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) at the organization’s congress in Doha, Qatar. Bin Hammam has already held the position for two terms. Another result of the AFC elections is that the South Korean Chung Mong-Joon loses his position as vice president of FIFA, being replaced by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan. Chung was known as a critic of FIFA president Sepp Blatter, although it is unclear whether Hussein will offer Blatter any support. [Guardian, 1/6/2011]

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Mohamed bin Hammam, the Qatari president of the Asian Football Confederation, tells a press conference that the 2022 World Cup will be held only in Qatar and will not be shared with other neighbouring countries. In addition, it will be held in summer, as originally planned. The comments come in response to suggestions from FIFA president Sepp Blatter and vice president Michel Platini that the tournament should be shared with other Gulf nations. Although bin Hammam does not directly comment on the chances of him standing against Blatter for the position of FIFA president in June, he does mention two of the issues involved; he alludes to both Blatter’s advanced age and the need for FIFA to introduce term limits for the presidency. Bin Hammam implies that FIFA presidents should serve no more than two four-year terms. Blatter’s third term is coming to an end. [Associated Press, 1/29/2011]

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The English Football Association says it will abstain from voting for one of the two candidates, Sepp Blatter and Mohamed bin Hammam, running for the position of president of FIFA. The decision is made because of allegations of corruption made against both men in recent months. “There are a well-reported range of issues both recent and current which, in the view of the FA board, make it difficult to support either candidate,” says the FA in a statement. “The FA values its relationships with its international partners very highly. We are determined to play an active and influential role through our representation within both UEFA and FIFA. We will continue to work hard to bring about any changes we think would benefit all of international football.” [BBC, 5/19/2011]

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Timeline Tags: Football Business and Politics


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