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Context of 'November 22, 2003: Czech Football Club Official Offers Referee Bribe'

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Jaroslav Hastik, sports director at first division Czech football club Synot, calls referee Vaclav Zejda to offer him a bribe to influence today’s game between Synot and Blsany. Zejda agrees to take CZK 120,000 (approx. £2,000) to help Synot win the game, and to share the money with other officials. The telephone call is monitored by the police, who are aware that Hastik is corrupt. Zejda then informs his assistant Bohuslav Kratky and the fourth official Josef Dvoracek of what is to happen, and Synot wins 3-1. [Mladá fronta Dnes, 5/14/2004] The police will also monitor the handing over of the bribe (see December 2, 2003).

Entity Tags: Jaroslav Hastik, Bohuslav Kratky, Josef Dvoracek, 1. FC Synot

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Jaroslav Hastik, sports director at the Czech first division club Synot, hands over a CZK 120,000 (approx. £2,000) bribe to referee Vaclav Zejda in return for Zejda influencing a recent game between Synot and Blsany (see November 22, 2003). The handover takes place in an underground garage at a shopping center in Smichov, Prague, and is filmed by police. Later the same day, Zejda calls Jaromir Hlavac, another first division referee, and ask him to distribute half of the bribe among some of the other officials who were in charge of the match. Assistant Bohuslav Kratky is to get CZK 30,000, fourth official Josef Dvoracek is to get CZK 10,000, and referee assessor Pavel Sisak is to get CZK 20,000. This call is also monitored by the police. Although the others will be charged with corruption, Sisak will not, as the police will be unable to prove he accepted the money. [Mladá fronta Dnes, 5/14/2004]

Entity Tags: Jaromir Hlavac, Bohuslav Kratky, Vaclav Zejda, 1. FC Synot, Jaroslav Hastik, Josef Dvoracek, Pavel Sisak

Timeline Tags: Football Business and Politics

Czech police arrest Jaroslav Hastik, the sports director of first division club Synot, and Stanislav Hruska, an assistant referee, on corruption charges. The arrest is made late at night at an Agip gas station near the town of Vyskov, as Hastik is about to hand over a CZK 175,000 bribe to Hruska for fixing the outcome of a game between Synot and Sparta Prague (see March 27, 2004). [Mladá fronta Dnes, 5/14/2004]

Entity Tags: 1. FC Synot, Stanislav Hruska, Jaroslav Hastik

Timeline Tags: Football Business and Politics


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