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Context of '1988: Senate Republicans Filibuster Campaign Spending Restrictions'

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The US Senate votes twice in favor of strict controls over campaign fundraising, but the leadership of both parties does not let either bill come up for a full vote. (Geraci 2006 pdf file)

Republicans in the US Senate successfully filibuster efforts to pass legislation that would significantly limit campaign spending by federal candidates. (Geraci 2006 pdf file)

The Philippines Senate votes to close all US military bases in the country, a major strategic blow to the US in the region. (Kuppuswamy 2/28/2002)

Republicans in the US Senate successfully filibuster bipartisan legislation that would have set voluntary campaign spending limits and restrictions on so-called “soft money” donations. Two years ago, Congressional Republicans blocked similar campaign finance reform efforts (see 1994). (Geraci 2006 pdf file)

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