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Context of 'July 19, 2002: Australian Intelligence Notes Differing Opinions on Purpose of Aluminum Tubes'

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Australian Hans Tholstrup drives the world’s first solar-powered car, named the “Quiet Achiever,” along the 2,800 mile stretch between Sydney and Perth in 20 days, ten days faster than the first gasoline-powered car to make the same run. Tholstrup later founds the “World Solar Challenge” in Australia, considered the world championship of solar car racing. [US Department of Energy, 2002 pdf file]

Entity Tags: Hans Tholstrup

Timeline Tags: US Solar Industry

Australia and New Zealand, in a joint statement, announce that they will require all genetically modified products to be labeled. [Australian Broadcast Corporation, 7/28/2000; Australia, 7/28/2000]

Entity Tags: Australia, New Zealand

Timeline Tags: Seeds

Australian intelligence services issue a joint assessment stating: “All known weapons-grade fissile material was removed from the country after the Gulf War.… Iraq’s attempts over the past two years to buy dual-use items suggest a covert effort to make weapons grade uranium in gas centrifuges, but the evidence is patchy and inconclusive.… US agencies differ on whether aluminum pipes, a dual use item sought by Iraq, were meant for gas centrifuges.… Iraq is likely to have a nuclear program… though it is unlikely to be far advanced.” [New York Times, 10/3/2004]

Entity Tags: Australia

Timeline Tags: Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

Richard Butler, a former UN inspector from Australia, tells the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “I have seen no evidence of Iraq providing weapons of mass destruction to non-Iraqi terrorist groups.” [Associated Press, 8/1/2002]

Entity Tags: Richard Butler, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Timeline Tags: Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

Former World Cup-winning captain and coach Franz Beckenbauer, now a member of FIFA’s executive committee that will vote on the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosts, backs Australia’s bid to organize the 2022 event. “Australia was a perfect host for the Olympics,” Beckenbauer says. “They know how to handle these big events. The football World Cup—it’s even bigger than the Olympics because it’s more cities, it’s more spectacular than the Olympics—I think you can do it.” He adds: “Australia has shown the world many, many times that [they] can handle these big events. There is no doubt that Australia can host the World Cup and organise the World Cup.” [Fox Sports, 10/26/2010] Beckenbauer does not specifically say he will vote for Australia, but it seems likely that the one vote it will get is from him (see Around 2:30 p.m. December 2, 2010).

Entity Tags: Franz Beckenbauer, International Federation of Association Football

Timeline Tags: Football Business and Politics


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