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Context of 'Before March 2003: US Trains Some Iraqis at Base in Hungary'

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Ahmed Chalabi moves to Jordan where he founds Petra Bank. His partners include wealthy families from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. (Leigh and Whitaker 4/14/2003; Dizard 5/4/2004; Murphy 6/15/2004)

Albert Wohlstetter introduces Ahmed Chalabi to Richard Perle, undersecretary of defense for international-security policy. (Dreyfuss 11/18/2002)

CIA Agent Whitley Bruner contacts Ahmed Chalabi in London as part of an effort to organize Iraqi exiles into a unified opposition movement against Saddam Hussein (see May 1991). (Hosenball and Hirsh 4/5/2004; Mayer 6/7/2004)

The US trains between Iraqi exiles at the Taszar military base in Hungary. At the base, dubbed “Camp Freedom,” the exiles, or “Free Iraqi Forces” (FIF), are taught both survival skills and support functions. Most of those trained are believed to be supporters of INC president Ahmed Chalabi. (Moore 4/1/2003; Gorondi 4/1/2003; Landay and Strobel 7/12/2003)

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