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Context of '12:00 pm August 29, 2005: Entergy: Worst Disaster In History'

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At 7:00 pm, the eye of Hurricane Katrina makes landfall near North Miami Beach with winds of 80 mph and higher gusts. (National Hurricane Center 8/25/2005)

Dan Packer, CEO of Entergy New Orleans tells the Times-Picayune that Entergy, the area’s utility company, expects a level of destruction never seen in its four-state territory of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas. According to Packer, parts of New Orleans may be without utility service for weeks—or even months. (Times-Picayune 8/29/2005 pdf file)

Hurricane Katrina makes its second landfall in Southeastern Louisiana at approximately 6:10 am this morning. (National Public Radio 9/9/2005)

According to Dan Packer, President of Entergy, Hurricane Katrina is the worst disaster the company has ever experienced. Nearly 100 percent of the utility’s 700,000 customers have no power. (Times-Picayune Blog 8/29/2005)

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) advises that Katrina is now a still-dangerous Category 1 hurricane, with sustained winds of nearly 95 mph. The hurricane remains huge, with hurricane force winds extending 125 miles from the center, and tropical storm force winds extending 230 miles. Katrina’s center is now 20 miles south-southwest of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. (National Hurricane Center 8/29/2005)

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