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Context of 'Early September 2004: Person Falsely Claiming to Represent ‘America Votes’ Calls Oregon Library'

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A person calling himself Harry Miller and claiming to represent “American Votes” contacts the director of the Jackson County Library in Oregon and asks him to call an 800 number to give permission for the organization to conduct a non-partisan voter registration project at the libraries. [O'Flaherty, 9/16/2004] When librarian Meghan O’Flaherty attempts to verify the person’s identity with America Votes, its Oregon State Coordinator says that no Harry Miller works for the organization (see September 16, 2004 or before).

Timeline Tags: 2004 Elections

Kevin Looper, the Oregon State Coordinator for “America Votes,” informs Oregon Jackson County librarian Meghan O’Flaherty that a person who had contacted her purporting to be from American Votes (See September 16, 2004 or before) does not work for his organization. He says in an email to her: “Here is what I know: We do not have a Harry Miller in our employ. This organization is absolutely not representing America Votes, and my National leadership is initiating action to get them to cease and desist representations that infringe upon our rights and mislead voters.” [O'Flaherty, 9/16/2004]

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Timeline Tags: 2004 Elections


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