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Context of 'December 6, 1998: Hugo Chavez Elected President of Venezuela'

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Hugo Chavez is elected president, beating Henrique Salas Romer, a Yale-educated former governor of Carabobo state. (CNN 12/6/1998; CNN 12/7/1998; Schemo 12/9/1998)

George A. Folsom, president of the International Republican Institute, applauds the ouster of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. “The Venezuelan people rose up to defend democracy in their country,” he says in a statement. “Venezuelans were provoked into action as a result of systematic repression by the government of Hugo Chavez.” (Marquis 4/25/2002)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claims to have foiled another coup plot to remove him from office. (Easton 10/6/2002)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claims to have escaped an assassination attempt while returning from a trip to Europe. (BBC 10/20/2002)

For the two-month duration of a strike in Venezuela (see February 3, 2003), the only commercials on Venezuelan TV are pieces by the opposition attacking President Hugo Chavez. (Dahlsen and Wentz 2/10/2003)

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