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Monsanto has taken legal action against more than 525 farmers whom it has accused of illegally planting its patent-protected seeds. About half of these cases have so far ended with settlements ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars each, according to Lisa Safarian, Monsanto’s intellectual property protection manager. The Washington Post reports that according to Safarian, Monsanto “has decided that the risk of alienating some farmers is more than offset by the benefit of being able to promise ‘a level playing field’ for the vast majority of honest customers.” Safarian says that money from the settlements are funding a Monsanto-created scholarship fund to help the children of farmers go to college. (Weiss 2/3/1999) The money also goes toward other educational programs, such as biotechnology acceptance programs. (Reynolds 10/8/1999) Farmers who choose to settle with Monsanto must pay the $12 ($15 CAD)/acre fee and all the profits from the illegally planted crop. The farmer must also sign a contract waiving his or her right to speak publicly about the settlement. Monsanto, on the other hand, explicitly reserves its right in the agreement to comment publicly on the matter. (Reynolds 10/8/1999)

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