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Correction to timeline entries containing erroneous information about Khalid bin Mahfouz

By Paul Thompson

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Important corrections have been made to certain timeline entries regarding Khalid bin Mahfouz. The entries were first published as part of Paul Thompson’s Complete 911 Timeline and were based on articles by USA Today, Fortune Magazine, The Washington Post, The Mail on Sunday and others. Since the original publication of the timeline entries, several of the articles on which they were based have been retracted, corrected, or amended. Some allegations against bin Mahfouz, such as those from the discredited USA Today reporter, Jack Kelley, appear to be completely without merit and have been removed from our website. Other allegations, such as those by Jean-Charles Brisard, remain in dispute and we endeavor to air both sides. Mr. Mahfouz has begun libel proceedings against Mr. Brisard, claiming that he has made unfounded and defamatory allegations. Paul Thompson and the Center for Cooperative Research regret publishing information from other sources which have since proven to be false and apologize to Mr. Mahfouz and his family for any damage this may have caused.

In a letter to the Center for Cooperative Research, a representative of Khalid bin Mahfouz stated that Mahfouz “has never supported or funded bin Laden’s terrorist activities” and that he and his family “abhor terrorism in every way.”

The following corrections have been made to the appropriate timeline entries:



For more information about Khalid bin Mahfouz and any false claims that may have been made against him, go to 







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